Automated Fiber Optic Micro-Polisher: Rev2

Source: KrellTech

The Rev2 automated fiber optic polisher is an update to Krell Technologies’ REV micro-polisher. This new model features an automated micro-feed that minimizes the possibility of the polishing film breaking the bare fiber by advancing it to the system’s polishing surface at a slow and controlled rate. Better potential end-face quality is possible due to its ability to air polish the connectors through a controlled mechanism rather than by hand.

The Rev2 automated fiber optic polisher can polish two bare fibers at once, and also features independent suspension for each connector position. Additionally, each connector position is optically align for geometric control. The micro-feed feature has been used in Krell’s Scepter Polishing System since its inception, but its integration into a low-volume and portable micro-polishing unit is an inudustry first.

The Rev2 fiber optic polisher is ideal for LAN, FTTX, termination kit, connector repair, splice preparation, and R&D applications. It can also be used as a cleaving alternative. All connectors and MIL-spec termini are polished in accordance with Telcordia compliance. Additional information can be found on the available datasheet.