Product Showcase

  1. 137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

    The 137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge from Bristol Instruments is a non-contact instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure the absolute thickness of a variety of transparent, translucent, and some visually opaque materials. The thickness gauge utilizes interferometer-based wavelength meter technology, and includes a super-luminescent LED (SLED), an interferometer assembly, and a digital processor, all housed within a single chassis. The system also comes with an optical probe, a fiber-optic patch cord, and Bristol’s Opti-Cal­ software.

  2. Lithium Niobate Q-Switches

    Lithium Niobate switches are used for the Q-switching of Nd:YAG, Nd:YALO, Nd:YLF, and Er.YLF lasers. They’re designed to solve the issues associated with pyro-electric charge buildup – a phenomenon that can cause low contrast ratio and poor hold-off from premature lasing. The weak material conductivity in Lithium Niobate makes it an ideal medium to dissipate pyro charges.

  3. Benchtop Laser Controller: EM595

    The EM595 is a benchtop device used to control Gooch & Housego’s line of 14-pin DFB lasers or single-mode lasers. It combines a laser driver and a TEC controller into a 111 mm x 73.5 mm x 169.2 mm (with elements) package and weighs just 1.0 kg.

  4. Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser

    The EM750 is a narrow linewidth semiconductor laser with ultra-low noise, stability, and tunability. The EM750 has the ability to reduce the linewidth to a typical value of less than 10 kHz.

  5. Optical Assemblies

    Gooch & Housego offers optical assemblies, opto-mechanical assemblies, and opto-electronic assemblies manufactured with precision alignment and metrology techniques to achieve compliance with the most demanding specifications and environments.

  6. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer: FTE7000A OTDR

    The FTE-7000A is an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) that features instant-on and immediate scan functionality. This model also includes an integrated Video Scope with a pass/fail grading map, an AutoTest/AutoWave power meter, and a CW/Fiber identifier light source.

  7. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR): FTE-7500A

    The FTE-7500A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer has a 36 dB dynamic range, a 1 meter dead zone, trace overlay capability, a visible fault locator, a built-in video inspection scope, and much more. It features a long battery life and it comes in a lightweight and rugged enclosure.

  8. Connector Polisher for Waveguide Process Flexibility: FLex™

    Krell’s FLexTM fiber optic connector polisher is ideal for R&D laboratory settings and can be used to process waveguides, PLCs, optical chips, and fiber arrays. It supports a variety of component dimensions, a variety of angles, an auto feed function, in-line video inspection, and user-definable features.

  9. Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link

    This is a complete system which allows us to convert the GPS Carrier from RF to Light, transmit it up to 10 Kilometers if need be then reconvert it to RF to be received by the GPS Receiver.

  10. Optical Bench Integrated Housing: ULSi

    The ULSi is a new type of integrated housing used to house Avantes’ AvaSpec Avabench-75 ULS (ultra-low stray light) optical bench in a 90 x 120 x 35 mm package. It provides superior thermal and mechanical stability, as well as greater mounting flexibility.

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