News | August 26, 2013

Utility Equipment: Fiber Optic Cable Blowers From Condux


Utility tools: The comprehensive Condux line of Gulfstream Fiber Optic Cable Blowers can accommodate almost any fiber optic cable installation need and will be on display at ICUEE 2013, booth #2848. From long haul, middle mile projects to last mile and micro fiber enterprise installations, Condux has developed a line the Gulfstream line of fiber optic cable blowers to meet a wide range of installation needs. Condux blowers are specially designed to handle all types of fiber and all types of installations.

The Gulfstream 400 is ideally suited for long-haul and middle-mile projects, while the Gulfstream 200 micro fiber optic cable blower is ideal for FTTH and Enterprise micro fiber installations

The APS75 Hydraulic Underground Cable Puller also on display at ICUEE provides up to 7,500 lbs of continuous pulling power to tackle a comprehensive range of pulling applications. Designed for installing underground cable, the APS75 is completely self-contained and transports easily from jobsite to jobsite.

SOURCE: Utility Products