TSL 2301 Linear Opto Array

Source: Pacer Components PLC

TSL 2301 Linear Opto Array
Linear Opto Array Includes A to D Converter For Scanner Applications
Designated the TSL 2301, the sensor consists of 102 silicon photodiodes or pixels arranged in a linear array on a pitch of 300 dots per inch. Each pixel has an associated charge integrator/amplifier and sample-hold circuit and has concurrent integration periods and sampling times. Data communication is accomplished by a three-wire serial interface. The array is divided into three 34 pixel zones, with each zone having programmable gain and offset levels. Light incident upon a pixel generates a photocurrent, which is then integrated by the active integration cicuitry associated with that pixel. During the integration period a sampling capacitor connects to the output of the integrator through an analogue switch. The amount of charge accumulated at each pixel is directly proportional to the light intensity on that pixel and the integration time. The device also, includes an integral 8-bit A/D converter and a high speed 10MHz clocked serial interface and a 1MHz pixel rate. The array requires a single 5 volt supply for operation. Housed in a plastic dual in line package the TSL 2301 is intended for cost sensitive high performance scanner applications and is part of a series of monolithic sensor arrays from TAOS and available from Pacer.
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