News | May 13, 2014

SF Cable Releases Fiber Jumper Cables For Optical Applications


SF Cable Fiber Optic Jumper Cables Bring Flexibility and Versatility to Fiber Optic Based Transmission Systems

Haywar, CA (PRWEB) - SF Cable has recently released an improved collection of fiber jumper cables for optical components and systems. The company is known for offering reliable data cables, security accessories, and computer products according to industry standards. With its new fiber cable range, SF Cable intends to cater to its consumers using optical systems.

SF Cable has included fiber cables, adapters, connectors, and fiber optics switches in its inventory. While commenting on the improved fiber optics range, the official representative of SF Cable said, “We have presented these fiber optic cables to connect two or more transmission systems or devices based on fiber optics. These jumper cables are easy to setup and use at crowded spaces or remote locations. They can transmit gigabit signals at great distances without allowing for noise or interference.”

When asked to discuss the primary differences between single-mode and multi-mode fiber jumper cables, the spokesperson said, “Since single-mode fiber cables have a small diameter, they can allow the propagation of a single mode of light. With fewer light reflections, these cables allow the signal to propagate faster and further. Multimode cables, on the other hand, have a relatively large diameter, thus allowing the propagation of various modes of light. As there are more light reflections, more data can travel through a multi-mode cable at a particular time.”

SF Cable claims to offer a vast array of industrial standard fiber jumper cables with different lengths, connectors, and fiber jacket types. “With this new collection, we’re offering reliable, stable, and premium quality fiber cables to our consumers. SF Cable fiber optic cables are functionally tested to guarantee top performance upon delivery. By utilizing our fiber optic patch cables, critical network uptime is assured. ,” the spokesperson further elaborated.

The SF Cable’s fiber jumper cables are currently available in different single-mode and multi-mode lengths with a special lifetime warranty and 100 percent money-back guarantee. To look into the company’s product collection, please visit

About SF Cable
SF Cable, a company dedicated to designing reliable electronic equipment, offers a vast array of cables and accessories. Established in 2002, this wholesale company deals in environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant solutions. Offering custom solutions at reasonable prices, SF Cable supports all its products with special lifetime warranties.

The product collection of SF Cable features more than 8,000 SKUs of computer cables, home theater systems, laptop accessories, and other networking solutions. SF Cable satisfies its consumers’ unique needs with quality merchandise, competitive prices, and quick delivery services.


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