News | August 21, 2013

Fiber SenSys Announces High Level Inter-Operability With Titan Multi-Platform Command And Control Software

Open Architecture Enables Seamless Product Integration

Hillsboro, OR - Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) announced that it has successfully established inter-operability with Titan Security Corporation's Multi-Platform, Open Architecture Security Command and Control Software. Titan is a full featured alarm command and control solution/digital video recording/access control platform designed from the ground up using modern design elements.

The Titan System is an open architecture, data-driven system that allows for multiple hardware platform integration. The system is capable of configuring, managing, and communicating with multiple hardware platforms and devices simultaneously. In addition to being able to communicate with the various hardware platforms, Titan can also aggregate multiple access control systems into the same cardholder record allowing the single cardholder interface to manage access permissions for card readers on different access control platforms.

"Titan is forging a new paradigm in the world of security and access control with this complete level of integration", said Duane Thompson, FSI director of Americas Sales. "Now with the implementation of a Titan system, customers have the ability to keep legacy hardware in place while over time upgrading to a new modern hardware platform", Thompson added.

The combined FSI-Titan system provides all the key features and functionality of a modern perimeter security intrusion detection system that includes annunciation and communications capability.

SOURCE: Fiber SenSys, Inc.