Product Showcase

  1. Automated Fiber Optic Micro-Polisher: Rev2

    The Rev2 automated fiber optic polisher is an update to Krell Technologies’ REV micro-polisher. This new model features an automated micro-feed that minimizes the possibility of the polishing film breaking the bare fiber by advancing it to the system’s polishing surface at a slow and controlled rate. Better potential end-face quality is possible due to its ability to air polish the connectors through a controlled mechanism rather than by hand.

  2. Portable High Speed Optical Connector Polisher: POP-311

    NTT AT’s POP-311 is a portable high speed optical connector polisher.  Its portability makes it ideal for field assembly in optical network installation or maintenance.

  3. Optical Wavelength Meter: 228 Series

    The 228 Series of Optical Wavelength Meters combine high accuracy and exceptional reliability to achieve the most meaningful test results. With features such as straightforward operation and rugged design, the 228 systems satisfy the needs of both the research scientist and the manufacturing engineer

  4. 428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter

    The 428 Multi-Wavelength Meter combines proven Michelson interferometer-based technology with fast Fourier transform analysis in order to measure wavelength, power and OSNR of as many as 1000 discrete optical signals. Wavelength is measured to an accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm and power is measured to an accuracy of ± 0.5 dB. In addition, the 428 system automatically calculates OSNR to greater than 40 dB.  

  5. L-Band RF Analog Fiber Optic Transmitter: MP-2310TX
    This L-Band RF Analog Fiber Optic Transmitter features a wide bandwidth of 800 MHz to 2250 MHz, a high dynamic range, WDW compatibility, a low noise RF front-end, and more.
  6. Standard Gain Horn Antennas

    Corry Micronics' Gain Horn Antennas operate in the sub-gigahertz to over 100 GHz frequency range. These antennas can be custom manufactured for different applications, including but not limited to aerospace, military, wireless communications, and medical.

  7. Digital Gyroscope Sensing System: ADIS16136 iSensor®

    The Digital Gyroscope Sensing System: ADIS16136 iSensor® is ideal for applications involving precision instrumentation, platform stabilization and control, industrial vehicle navigation, downhole instrumentation, medical instrumentation, and robotics. Industry leading iMEMS® technology is combined with signal conditioning and autonomous operation with no user configuration required to produce accurate rate sensing data with optimized dynamic performance. Features like wide bandwidth, low noise density, and excellent in-run bias stability also make it ideal for the aforementioned applications.

  8. Variable Optical Attenuator: FTE-4000
    Terahertz Technologies’ FTE-4000 Variable Optical Attenuator is ideal for balancing transmitter power, adjusting receiver attenuation settings, and can assist in the testing of system budget compliance. Depending on your needs, two models offering 40 dB attenuation level or 80 dB attenuation level are available.
  9. Bidirectional Analog/Digital Fiber Optic Link: LTX 72X5 Series
    The LTX-72X5 series will of Signal Transport Fiber Links, from Terahertz Technologies, converts and transmits your analog and digital electronic signals over fiber for up to 10 km bi-directionally over a single fiber. These fiber links are designed for applications involving signal transmission and control of equipment at high voltage potentials, precise noise-free signal transmission in hostile EMI environments, data acquisition for plasma physics experiments, and operations through Faraday shields.
  10. Gratings

    NTT Advanced Technology produces high precision, nm-order optical components including several types of gratings. We fabricate a variety of optical components, making use of advanced nano fabrication technologies.