Product Showcase

  1. Fischer FiberOptic Series

    The Fischer FiberOptic Series is designed to perform perfectly in harsh and extreme environments. With the best quality and stability needed for optical links combined with simple mating and field cleaning, these connectors are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  2. 871 Series Fastest Wavelength Meter For Pulsed Lasers

    The 871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter from Bristol Instruments is designed to measure the absolute wavelength of pulsed and CW lasers. The wavelength meter provides the fastest measurement rates up to 1 kHz, which enables the wavelength characterization of individual laser pulses. 

  3. 828 Series High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter

    The 828 Series High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter uses interferometer technology that is very different than that employed by other wavelength meters used for WDM wavelength testing applications. A Fizeau etalon design is used to generate a spatial interferogram that is detected by a fast InGaAs photodetector array. Using an on-board digital signal processor, the interferometric data is processed quickly into an accurate wavelength measurement. The combination of these technologies provides an unmatched, sustained measurement rate of 1 kHz.  

  4. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer: FTE7000A OTDR

    The FTE-7000A is an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) that features instant-on and immediate scan functionality. This model also includes an integrated Video Scope with a pass/fail grading map, an AutoTest/AutoWave power meter, and a CW/Fiber identifier light source.

  5. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR): FTE-7500A

    The FTE-7500A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer has a 36 dB dynamic range, a 1 meter dead zone, trace overlay capability, a visible fault locator, a built-in video inspection scope, and much more. It features a long battery life and it comes in a lightweight and rugged enclosure.

  6. Connector Polisher for Waveguide Process Flexibility: FLex™

    Krell’s FLexTM fiber optic connector polisher is ideal for R&D laboratory settings and can be used to process waveguides, PLCs, optical chips, and fiber arrays. It supports a variety of component dimensions, a variety of angles, an auto feed function, in-line video inspection, and user-definable features.

  7. Optical Bench Integrated Housing: ULSi

    The ULSi is a new type of integrated housing used to house Avantes’ AvaSpec Avabench-75 ULS (ultra-low stray light) optical bench in a 90 x 120 x 35 mm package. It provides superior thermal and mechanical stability, as well as greater mounting flexibility.

  8. Miniature Spectrometer: AvaSpec-Micro

    To say that the AvaSpec-Micro spectrometer is small would be a huge understatement. This miniature spectrometer measures in at only 62 x 42 x 14.8 mm and weighs only 58 grams. It’s ideal for OEMs that need to comply with space and weight reduction constraints in color measurement, chemical analysis, and environmental analysis applications.

  9. LIBS System Configuration: AvaLIBS Modules

    AvaLibs Modules by Avantes provide an alternative method of configuring a LIBS system. These modules allow you to choose the number of AvaSpec spectrometers (up to 8), the number of axis in your sample chamber, and the layout. 50 mJ and 100 mJ lasers by Avantes are available, but you also have the option of connecting your own laser to the system (through an available adaptor plate).

  10. Miniature Spectrometer: AvaSpec Mini

    The AvaSpec Mini is a powerful spectrometer in a small package  (90 x 68 x 20 mm, 155 grams).  The instrument is available in a variety of fixed configurations covering the UV to the NIR  with resolution as high as 0.2 nm (FWHM). This spectrometer is ideal for radiometry, UV/VIS chemistry, colorimetry and Raman spectroscopy applications.  The AvaSpec Mini is available individually for lab use or for integration into other devices as an OEM-spectrometer.