Regulatory News

  1. Cleerline Technology Group Launches New Dynamic, Comprehensive Fiber Optics Website

    Cleerline Technology Group, manufacturers of the revolutionary SSF line of fiber optic cables and connectivity products, has just launched a new website that will support AV professionals better than ever

  2. ‘Lossless’ Metamaterial Could Boost Efficiency Of Lasers And Other Light-Based Devices

    Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a material that could reduce signal losses in photonic devices. The advance has the potential to boost the efficiency of various light-based technologies including fiber optic communication systems, lasers and photovoltaics.

  3. Secure Network Through Strucured And Point To Point Cabling

    Network cabling has been instrumental to the smooth workflow in various companies and public corporations. Such companies have witnessed remarkable growth in their competency while bootstrapping their means to carry out their daily activities

  4. XKL Announces The Launch Of Its DQT10 Transponder Solution Designed For Optimal Performance And Exceptional Customer Control

    XKL LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic networking systems, announces the launch of its DQT10 transponder. An extension of the DQM10 family of DWDM appliances, the DQT10 muxes waves outside of XKL's typical integrated 1RU form factor, thereby allowing network growth to 96 channels and augmentation of existing networks via alien wave injection

  5. Bristol Instruments Hires Marketing Communications Manager

    Bristol Instruments, Inc. has recently hired Ms. Kristina Schanz to join its Sales and Marketing team. She will serve in the new position of Marketing Communications Manager.

  6. Tapping Into Long-Lived Sound Waves In Glass

    Yale scientists have shown how to enhance the lifetime of sound waves traveling through glass — the material at the heart of fiber optic technologies. The discovery will be described in the January edition of the journal Nature Materials.

  7. Corning Acquires Stran Technologies

    Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced it has acquired full ownership of STRAN Technologies, a U.S.-based producer of harsh environment and tactical interconnect products and services

  8. AFL Launches Tension Fiber Cleavers For Medical/Fiber Laser Market

    AFL is introducing the Fujikura CT-104 tension cleaver designed for fibers with a cladding diameter of 80 to 600 µm. Developed to address the medical and fiber laser markets, the CT-104 fiber cleavers offer superior tension cleaving performance beyond other conventional cleavers

  9. Engineering That Shatters Expectations: Cleerline SSF™ Fiber Optic Cables Are The Strongest For Any AV Application

    Considering the saying about people in glass houses, it seems counterintuitive that a glass fiber no bigger than a human hair could be the strongest link possible between components that transmit data

  10. Industry Experts Deal With Structured Network Cabling In Inglewood CO

    Allowing the widest networking system work on the campus is what most of the structures look forward to. But getting that done is not only a time taking process, but also needs enough precision and experience to work on it