Business Wire

  1. XFONE Begins Phase Three Of Fiber-To-The-Premise Buildout In Levelland, Texas
    XFONE, Inc. announced that it’s wholly owned subsidiary, NTS Communications, Inc. has begun work on the final portion of a three-phase buildout of its Fiber-to-the-Premise (“FTTP”) network for Levelland and Smyer,Texas
  2. Omron Enters Mass Production Of The SX51 Optical Module For HDMI Over Fiber
    Omron announced today the manufacturing release of the P1TX6A-SX51-01M Transmitter Optical Module and the P1RX6A-SX51-01M Receiver Optical Module to serve the high-definition video market
  3. Fibernet Corporation To Provide Internet Services Over UTOPIA Fiber-Optic Network
    The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (“UTOPIA”) announced that Fibernet Corp., a diversified Internet service company, has inaugurated services on UTOPIA’s Open Service Provider Model network
  4. SureWest Communications To Deploy Allied Telesis’ Intelligent Multiservice Gateway In SureWest Sacramento Fiber-To-The-Home Networks
    Allied Telesis, announced today that leading independent communications holding company SureWest Communications has approved the iMG626MOD for active fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment in Sacramento by SureWest’s operating subsidiaries there
  5. Alaska Communications Systems Completes Acquisition Of Crest Communications Corporation
    Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. (“ACS”) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Crest Communications Corp. This $70 million transaction brings into the ACS asset portfolio the Northstar undersea fiber optic cable and a robust backhaul network linking the cable’s landing station on the Oregon coast to both Portland and Seattle
  6. FiberLight Standardizes On Fujitsu Optical Networking Solutions
    Fujitsu Network Communications, a leading supplier of innovative optical and wireless networking solutions, and FiberLight LLC, a leading provider of metro optical networking, announced today that FiberLight has standardized on Fujitsu optical networking equipment as the backbone for its LightSource family of managed service offerings
  7. Sumitomo Electric Introduces 10G CWDM SFP+ Module With Internal CWDM DFB LD Chip
    Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., a leading supplier of solutions for optical components, modules and sub-systems, today announced that it is expanding its 10Gbps portfolio with the introduction of a CWDM-SFP+ transceiver module that can provide parallel transmission at 80Gbps
  8. New Fibrlok Splices From 3M Enable Fast, On-Site Installations For Analog Video
    Two new Fibrlok products in the Angle Fiber Splice AS Series enable fast, on-site installation of 250 micron and 900 micron fiber for analog video applications
  9. Corning’s Ultra-Low-Loss Optical Fiber Chosen For du’s High-Capacity, Pan-Emirates Network
    Corning Incorporated announced today that du, the United Arab Emirates’s (UAE) new integrated telecommunications service provider, will deploy Corning SMF-28 ULL optical fiber as the foundation of its Pan-Emirates, high-capacity network
  10. New Compact 3M Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal For Aerial And Buried Applications
    The new compact 3M Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal FDST 08 is hermetically sealed and can be deployed in aerial, buried above-grade and buried below-grade applications