Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Welcome to the storefront of UV Source @ FiberOptics Online

Source: UV Source Inc.
Welcome to the storefront of UV Source @ FiberOptics Online UV Source manufactures high intensity Ultraviolet light spot curing systems. The most popular application for our high intensity UV light sources is for bonding substrates together using UV curable adhesives. These bonds are stronger than conventional adhesive bonds using epoxy or heat cured glues.

UV Source started in 1988 and has been selling these machines for over 6 years. Their reliability and consistency of operation continue to provide the market place with a stable, economically priced, and efficient product.

UV Source has an international customer base and believes that customer service should be the banner in the industry. Our equipment is easy to maintain and features things like a "pop off lid" for easy lamp replacement and controlled cooling for long life of the machines.

UV Source uses state of the art components in its equipment and commits itself to continually looking for new ways to improve its products. The main considerations that UV Source uses for design technology are ease of use and reliability. We have achieved ISO manufacturing and CE marking, in manufacturing our product line, as a continuing commitment to our customers. We are always testing different aspects of our products to provide our customers complete, up to date information and about results they may expect by using our products.

UV spot curing needs are increasing in worldwide manufacturing arenas. Companies that are currently using solvent based glues and adhesives for spot gluing, are potential candidates to change over to the world of UV, environmentally friendly, solventless chemistries. 100% solid UV chemistry does not pollute and provides a better product. UV Source will help you determine if your company's current manufacturing processes will be a good candidate for UV spot curing.

UV Source Inc., 2301 W. 205th St, #105, Torrance, CA 90501-1514. Tel: 310-787-1480; Fax: 310-320-9541.