News | September 15, 2017

Vitex Announces Availability Of High Performance 100G ROSAs

Vitex LLC, a leading provider of high speed transceiver solutions is expanding its fiber components portfolio by introducing 100G ROSA for CFPx and QSFP28 applications. The 100G APD ROSA is a 4 x 28 Channel Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly designed for 10km links. It incorporates 4 high speed PIN-PDs with TIA and a 4 channel LAN WDM demultiplexer in a compact module.


  • 4ch discrete 28Gbps lens integrated PIN-PD with TIA
  • LAN WDM Demux integrated
  • +3.3 V for PIN-PD and TIA power supply
  • ROSA Sensitivity: -14dBm @ 25Gbps, BER=1E-12 each channel
  • Flexible PCB for high speed multi-channel RF signal feeding

Vitex 100G ROSAs offer a high quality and cost- effective alternative to the ROSA products in the market today. When tested against market leaders, these ROSA devices showed superior performance in many parameters including Rx sensitivity.

With the convergence of telecom, mobile, enterprise and data center networks into cloud network architecture, there has been an explosion in the demand for high bandwidth and low-cost optics. 100G components like ROSAs for CFPx and QSFP28 transceivers become critical for rapid deployment of 100G networks. Vitex understands this and works continuously with its manufacturing partners to deliver high quality products to its customer base.

In addition to 100G ROSAs, Vitex also offers 2.5G/10G ROSAs and TOSAs as well as 10G, 40G and 100G QSFP28 transceivers. In recent months, Vitex has expanded its passive portfolio by introducing athermal AWGs, thin film filters and fiber optic cables.