News | April 28, 2008

Trump Organization's Visionary Fiber-Optic Network Earns Cornerstone Award From Broadband Properties Summit

Dallas, TX - Donald Trump's company, the Trump Organization, will receive one of the prestigious Cornerstone Awards at the April 28-30 Broadband Properties Summit here, in recognition of its visionary deployment of a high-speed fiber-optic network in two of the organization's showplace properties in New York City.

Scott DeGarmo, President of Broadband Properties, announced the award recently, as the first of a number of awards that will be given to organizations considered to be leading the way in bringing the economic benefits of FTTP (fiber to the premises) to communities, cities, regions, and individual multi-unit dwelling properties. DeGarmo said the Trump properties deployment stood out because leveraging fiber throughout high-rise apartment buildings is a new trend.

In the case of the Trump Organization, Verizon deployed its high-speed, fiber-based FiOS Internet service at both the Trump World Tower at United Nations Plaza and the Trump Park Avenue. The service allows users to get Internet speeds up to 50 megabits per second – 10 to 30 times faster than cable modems or DSL, and fast enough to download a 90-minute, standard-definition movie, in 3.2 minutes.

The Broadband Properties Summit is the premier fiber to the premises industry event. The three-day event at the Hyatt Regency DFW features a broad range of industry speakers, addressing from every angle the economic benefits that broadband technology can deliver to business and residential users.

A panel of industry experts evaluated scores of nominees for the Cornerstone Awards, DeGarmo said, and the judges were impressed with the vision shown by the Trump Organization in making FiOS available at the two flagship properties. The judges cited Trump's commitment to bringing residents the latest amenities and most advanced communications available via the ultimate in advanced, fiber-powered technology. They also noted the competitive advantage that FTTP will bring to the properties.

"We believe the Trump Organization deserves recognition for the most impressive real estate accomplishments of the year," DeGarmo said. "The availability of fiber to the premises at these two properties gives them an even greater competitive advantage at capturing high-value tenants.

"This award is further evidence that we are now in the year of the MDU (multi-dwelling unit), thanks to recent technological breakthroughs in the way that bandwidth can be delivered to these properties," DeGarmo added.

The Cornerstone Awards are given to private developments, municipalities, communities, companies, and individuals with outstanding accomplishments in the area of delivering telecommunications for the benefit of end users.

SOURCE: Broadband Properties Summit