News | June 19, 2006

SwingVision "Golf On CBS" Wins Emmy Award Using Photron's High Speed APX Camera

San Diego, CA – Photron, Inc. announced the advanced APX slow motion digital camera was incorporated into the Emmy award-winning SwingVision for “Golf on CBS”. The 27th Annual Sports Emmy for the George Wensel Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement was presented on May 1, 2006 by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences in New York City. Emmy winners include Gene O’Connell, Matt Kearney and Justin Hall of Tech Imaging Services, Inc., Photron’s exclusive northeastern U.S. distributor (Salem, MA) and the creators of SwingVision.

The SwingVision system consists of Photron’s advanced high speed APX digital camera, customized broadcast optics developed by Tech Imaging Services, a fiber optic output and proprietary software. Providing the imaging technology for use by CBS Sports since 2004, this slow motion replay capability captures the full range of a golfer’s swing at 1,000 frames per second (fps). A second APX camera images close-up action at 12,500 fps of the impact of the club on the golf ball, revealing precisely where the face of the club strikes the ball and the actual compression of the golf ball as it is struck. Photron’s APX high speed imager features a remarkable shutter speed of 1/50,000 of a second (20 µs) to provide clear images with no blurring at the moment of impact. The footage is used for immediate live transmission and instant replay in super slow-motion for swing analysis.

According to Andrew Bridges, Manager of Sales and Marketing, Photron, Inc., “The folks at Tech Imaging have worked closely with CBS for the past three PGA seasons to perfect the slow-motion imaging of golf on TV with SwingVision. We are delighted that our APX camera plays a vital role in this prestigious honor and congratulate our colleagues at Tech Imaging Services for the Emmy Award and their innovative achievements in the world of sports broadcasting.”

SOURCE: Photron, Inc.