News | December 12, 2018

Reflex Photonics Launches A New And Unique 24-Lane Optical Generator And Switch To Support Optical System Designers

Kirkland, QC (PRWEB) - Reflex Photonics is proud to grow its portfolio of integrated test systems by launching a unique Optical Generator/Switch product that will enable optical system designers to test performance and functionality of Reflex Photonics’ LightABLE™ optical transceivers as used within optical interconnects.

The Reflex Photonics Optical Generator/Switch is an integrated optical cross-connect (OXC) solution with 850 nm transmitter and receiver interface that features an on-board signal generator operating at up to 12.5 Gbps. It offers 12 TX and 12 RX optical fiber (OM3) lanes that are accessible by 3 standard MPO interfaces.

> In generator mode, standard PRBS-31 signals can be generated and emitted at the TX output. The stimulus can be sent throughout a communication system and rooted back to the RX inputs. The integrated chip can perform standard BER tasks and assess optical communication system performance.

In switch mode any of the 12 RX inputs can be bridged to any of the 12 TX outputs and the rooting map is full configurable via a convenient standard I2C port.

Designed around the standard LightABLE optical engine, the Optical Generator/Switch will also speed up the performance validation and confirm successful integration of LightABLE transmitters and receivers.

The Optical Generator/Switch will be used to:

  • Assess optical signal quality from the LightABLE 12TX.
  • Assess optical communication signal integrity (SI).
  • Test various communication protocols such as Ethernet and Infiniband over the LightABLE.
  • Act like an optical cross-connect (OXC).
  • Act like a bit error rate tester (BERT).

Reflex Photonics’ Product Manager, Guillaume Blanchette comments:
“Our Optical Generator/Switch offers an efficient, proven, and elegant ready-made solution that takes the guesswork out of testing performance and functionality of Reflex Photonics’ LightABLE. The newly-added optical cross-connect function can be used to speed-up your proof-of-concept designs based on the LightABLE and can also serve as a handy lab tool when testing different system architectures.”

About Reflex Photonics
Founded in 2002, Reflex Photonics is an advanced developer of rugged high-speed optical transceiver modules and parallel embedded optics products for space, aerospace, defense, avionics, telecom, data centers and industrial applications.

The company addresses the growing market demand for high-speed optical interconnects in high performance embedded computers. Our products enable equipment developers to design smaller, lower cost, and lower powered systems resulting in higher fidelity and faster connectivity.


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