News | July 28, 2008

Pannaway Networks Lights Up Fiber For Manti Tele Communications

Portsmouth, NH - Pannaway Networks, designers and developers of next generation Ethernet/IP Multi-Service Access Platforms for telecommunications service providers, recently announced the successful implementation of a new Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network for Manti Tele Communication Company (MTCC) in Manti, Utah. The network is built with Pannaway's Broadband Access Switches (BAS) for FTTH ports, Broadband Access Routers (BAR) for the transport layer, and Broadband Access Manager (BAM), Pannaway's extremely easy-to-use broadband element management system (EMS) -- all key components of the company's award-winning Service Convergence Network (SCN) architecture. MTCC has been serving the communities of Manti, Ephraim, and Sterling, Utah since 1997. They are proud to bring their customers the latest innovations in triple-play services. The new FTTH network will replace their current copper access network.

MTCC's new FTTH network provides greatly increased bandwidth for IPTV, Internet downloading and streaming media as well as yet defined service opportunities. MTCC chose Pannaway Networks because they offered a simplified evolution path from their legacy network infrastructure, without disruption to their revenue generating legacy services.

"The Pannaway solution allows us to evolve our network at will," said Dallas Cox, general manager of MTCC. "Our experience with Pannaway has been positive. Not only did the products work as promised, but the installation was seamless. Pannaway's support staff was instrumental in working with other vendors to solve the interoperability issues that are a normal part of turning up a new multi-vendor network."

Through this partnership with Pannaway, Manti Tele Communications Company is taking full advantage of the cost savings afforded by their new FTTH network, such as lower maintenance costs and increased longevity of their fiber infrastructure. The upgraded network will provide new revenue opportunities, as MTCC can now offer more competitive services to their many customers.

"Pannaway is proud to partner with companies like Manti, who are leading the industry in building 100 Mbps FTTH networks well ahead of Congress' programs to do so," said Ed Buchner vice president of corporate marketing for Pannaway. "Service providers like Manti are enabling subscribers across the country, regardless of geographic location, to take part in the Internet revolution that is flattening our planet."

SOURCE: Pannaway Networks