Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-1200

Source: Terahertz Technologies Inc.
Terahertz Technologies' TIA-1200 Optical to Electrical Converter is a wide-band detection system for fiber optic applications.

With a typical bandwidth of DC to 14 GHz (min 12 GHz), the TIA-1200 Optical to Electrical Converter accurately provides an electrical replica of the optical signal presented to it. It is intended to drive a 50 ohm cable terminated in its characteristic impedance.


  • General laboratory testing of optical components
  • Field Service Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Laser alignment and tuning
  • Plasma physics measurements


  • Large Area InGaAs detector
  • DC to 14GHz Bandwidth
  • 900-1700nm
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Capability to drive 50 Ohm output loads

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Datasheet: Optical To Electrical Converters TIA-1200
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