News | August 19, 2017

Optec Introduces MTP PRO Fiber Assemblies To Provide Optimal Flexibility In Polarity And Gender Reconfiguration

An Expanded Portfolio of High Density MTP/MPO Cabling Solution, the MTP PRO Fiber Assemblies

Optec Technology Limited, a leader of fiber termination and cabling solutions, announced the launch of its new MTP PRO Fiber Assemblies, which extended the product portfolio with enhanced features of Optec’s MTP/MPO Cabling System. By utilizing the innovative MTP PRO Connector with Optec’s well-versed manufacturing experience, the MTP PRO Fiber Assemblies support simple and reliable polarity and gender reconfiguration, at the same time fulfilling the requirements of high flexibility, high speed and high density as per current MTP/MPO Multi-fiber Cabling System.

Without disassembling the connector and requires no special skill or training, the fiber polarity and pin reconfiguration of MTP PRO fiber assemblies can be performed easily in the field. A simple insertion of the MTP PRO connector into a polarity change port reverses the key configuration by retracting the exposed key while simultaneously extracting a hidden key on the opposite side of the connector. Besides, the pin transfer using unique pin change tools can be easily executed without retention degradation in many times to ensure highly reliable performance of cable.

Features and application for Optec’s MTP PRO Fiber Assemblies

- Superior Optical Performance
Telcordia compliant for end face geometry ensuring low loss budget

- Robust field configurability for polarity change
Simple one-step color coded polarity change feature without removing connector housing

- Optimal flexibility for field pin change
Field friendly configuration while maintaining product integrity with safe handling of pins and easy color identification

- Integrated Push-Pull Sleeve
Robust push-pull insertion and extraction housing design for ease of use and access

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SOURCE: Optec Technology Limited