Ocean Optics Strengthens Product Team With New Appointments

Dunedin, FL – Ocean Optics, a provider of optical sensing, display optics, and biophotonics technologies, has increased the power of its product development team with two new appointments. Dr. Aaron Gage has been promoted to the position of Software Development Manager, and Dr. Lane Manoosingh has joined the company in the position of Product Design Manager.

Since joining Ocean Optics in 2005 as a Software Engineer, Gage has focused on the development of custom software to support new Ocean Optics hardware, including the OmniDriver spectrometer driver software, the SPAM spectral math library, and the SpectraSuite spectroscopy application packages. As Software Development Manager, Gage will lead the software development group in continuing to evolve these products and develop new applications, oversee engineering projects, and provide computer and network security expertise. He earned a doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering, and a master's in Computer Science from the University of South Florida (Tampa, Fla.), with emphasis on mobile robots and artificial intelligence studies.

Prior to joining Ocean Optics, Manoosingh held engineering positions with Constellation Technology Corporation (Largo, Fla.) and LightPoint, Inc. (Tampa, Fla.). During this time he managed the product design and development process of sensor systems for the detection of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare agents, and satellite communication modules. He has earned certifications in Wireless Design, Electromagnetic Compliance, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, and a patent for a High Sensitivity Chemical Agent Detector. As Product Design Manager for Ocean Optics, Manoosingh will manage the company's engineering division, coordinating design and manufacturing for new and existing products. He holds doctorate and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida (Tampa, Fla.).

SOURCE: Ocean Optics, Inc.