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Municipal Fiber Networks Are Key To Bridging The Digital Divide In Underserved Communities, According To A New Resource From Info-Tech Research Group

A municipal fiber network can be instrumental in enabling connectivity for municipal establishments and other important institutions such as healthcare and education facilities.

Toronto, ON /PRNewswire/ - To expand digital connectivity, communities worldwide are exploring new ways to provide fiber optic communication technology to the local community and businesses. This is most often being done by investing in municipal fiber networks. While there are many compelling reasons for communities to invest in these networks, there are challenges to be aware of, such as a lack of understanding of how to start building a fiber network or integrating it into an overall strategy. There may also be political and social pressure to address the digital divide through community-led solutions. Furthermore, the definition of a municipal fiber network can range from an internal network to a comprehensive broadband solution. To help communities overcome these challenges and develop an effective municipal fiber network, global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has released a new advisory deck titled Municipal Fiber Networks.

A municipal fiber network is one that is constructed, owned, or managed by a local government in its area. Such networks can serve various purposes based on the community's needs. For instance, they can provide connectivity among municipal buildings and offices or establish connectivity for vital anchor institutions such as education or healthcare facilities. Additionally, municipal fiber networks can offer broadband internet access to the local community and businesses, enabling them to stay connected and providing access to critical online services.

The firm's research explains several significant obstacles that hinder the development of a municipal fiber network. One such obstacles is the fact that building and maintaining a large-scale fiber network is not necessarily a core competency of municipalities. The availability of funds is another challenge, as deploying fiber with a big bang approach can be costly and not readily achievable. Furthermore, many municipalities are unaware of all the options available to participate in the traditionally telco-led, broader-connectivity landscape.

Info-Tech recommends municipal leaders consider several key factors and use the following approach to ease the development of effective municipal fiber networks that cater to the needs of communities:

Create a Vision: Define the purpose of the network to design a solution that addresses the areas where they can have the most significant impact.

Define a high-level operating model: Bridge the gap between vision/strategy and execution. This step should also include the deployment model and governance structure.

Understanding the current state: Assess existing assets for municipalities to determine what they can leverage and what needs to be built.

Map a path forward: Create a clear path to avoid project failures and loss of momentum.

By building an effective municipal fiber network, municipalities can ensure numerous benefits to a community, including faster and more reliable internet access, increased economic development, and improved quality of life for residents.

To learn more about municipal connectivity options and solutions, download the complete Municipal Fiber Networks blueprint.

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