Miniature Spectrometer: AvaSpec-Micro

Source: Avantes BV

To say that the AvaSpec-Micro spectrometer is small would be a huge understatement. This miniature spectrometer measures in at only 62 x 42 x 14.8 mm and weighs only 58 grams. It’s ideal for OEMs that need to comply with space and weight reduction constraints in color measurement, chemical analysis, and environmental analysis applications.

This miniature spectrometer is about the size of a matchbox, yet provides 0.8 nm (VIS) and 1.1 nm (UV/VIS) resolution. It’s powered by a USB 2.0 connection, which is also available for transferring data. The spectrometer comes standard with a 20 µm entrance slit, though other sizes are available upon request.

Because of its miniature size and incredibly light weight, the AvaSpec-Micro Spectrometer can be an ideal solution for almost any application. Its four channel I/O channels can be configured for use as a trigger input, shutter, as a light source control, or as a general purpose input/output.

This miniature spectrometer incorporates a 2500 pixel CCD linear array, has a >170:1 signal to noise ratio, a 16-bit/15 MHz AD converter, and a data transfer speed of 50 ms/scan. For more information on its features and specifications, download the datasheet.