Luna's Polarization Analysis Software 2.0 Eliminates Tedious Alignment

Source: Luna Technologies, a Division of Luna Innovations Incorporated

Blacksburg, VA – Luna Technologies, a developer of advanced solutions for fiber-optic test and measurement systems, is eliminating the task of polarization alignment that is often required for the measurement of today's advance optical components with its improved Polarization Analysis Software.

Since light is polarized, components in planar architectures can "look" quite different to an optical signal depending on the orientation of that signal. It is often necessary to probe or test both planar and non-planar devices with different input polarization states to extract true component performance. Researchers and manufacturers of polarization dependent optical components, such as waveguides, planar light circuits (PLCs), arrayed waveguide gratings and photonic crystals are discovering the benefits of Luna's Polarization Analysis Software in combination with Luna's award-wining Optical Vector Analyzer system. Luna's solution is freeing users from the monotonous and time-consuming process required to align measurement systems to test components with different input polarization states. The reduction in the time of test and design cycles, as well as the elimination of the need to purchase the various hardware required to perform the manual process, is a substantial cost savings.

The advanced features of Polarization Analysis Software version 2.0 include:

  • principle state (PSP) and Jones matrix analysis
  • user selectable input polarization state with easy-to-use cursors
  • polarization dependent transmission effects in the time domain
  • all parameter data extraction (average loss, group delay, dispersion
  • easy data loading and saving.

SOURCE: Luna Technologies, a Division of Luna Innovations Incorporated