News | December 19, 2005

LE - 310 Enables More Application Functionality At Lower Overall Cost

Spokane Valley, WA - World Wide Packets announced a new addition to the LightningEdge product family, the LE-310. This versatile customer premise equipment (CPE) provides for a more cost effective deployment and delivery of simultaneous telephony, business and entertainment video, broadband data and Internet access services. This is done through flexible service demarcations, including 100Mbps or 1Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) over fiber and copper, while lowering the initial investment for business services such as Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Private LAN (E-LAN).

The LE-310 offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Versatile Ethernet Service Demarcation - All the ports of the LE-310 are either dual speed (10/100Mbps or 100Mbps/GigE) or triple speed (10/100Mbps/GigE). This allows for the delivery of 100Mbps or GigE drops to the subscriber on either fiber (SFP) or copper. The unique port configuration of the LE-310 also offers protected (redundant) gigabit uplinks.

  • Low Cost Ring Architectures - The LE-310 enables GigE Ring Architecture with customer demarcation at 100Mbps and/or GigE over fiber and/or copper, and SONET-like resiliency and stability provided by World Wide Packets' carrier Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Domains (RSTPD).

  • Low Cost Transition to Gigabit - The dual rate (100Mbps/1GigE) ports of the LE-310 facilitate a low cost transition from a 100Mbps uplink to a Gigabit uplink creating pluggable dual rate optics which can be used to avoid any physical operation on the customer premise -- all translating into significant savings at user sites in terms of cost and labor.

  • Termination of Multiple Services - LE-310 delivers multiple service types to multiple tenants within a single facility, thus creating flexible customer interface options that provide incremental revenue opportunities.

  • MDU and MTU Aggregation of Portals - The LE-310 enables a lower cost aggregation of access Portals by allowing rate management and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) at the LE-310 ingress, thus creating the transport of residential or business triple play services.

Because the LE-310 further streamlines the delivery of applications and is based on carrier-class architecture, it provides users with extraordinary QoS, guaranteeing time-sensitive voice and video transport quality. The LE-310 provides an infinitely scalable solution for IP multicast video with features that optimize channel change performance and distribute multicast process to the edge of the network.

"World Wide Packets is constantly striving to produce new products that will provide increased functionality and streamlined architecture to our existing line of Carrier Ethernet solutions," said Chad Whalen, senior vice president of business and market strategies at World Wide Packets. "With our latest addition to the LightningEdge product family, we are delivering even greater application availability while driving down overall operational costs and lowering the total cost of ownership for service providers."

SOURCE: World Wide Packets