Company Profile | January 1, 1996

laser characterization, optical wavelength, laser spectrum analyzers, optical spectrum, wavemeter, interferometers, wavelength

Source: Burleigh
laser characterization, nanopositioning, optical wavelength, vacuum positioning, surface topography, optical spectrum

Burleigh Instruments, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance optical instrumentation for precision laser test and measurement. Products include a complete line of Wavelength Meters and Spectrum Analyzers for the most demanding scientific and DWDM test and measurement applications. These products are used in research and manufacturing environments worldwide.

Burleigh provides a comprehensive family of WAVEMETER® Optical Wavelength Meters that measure the absolute wavelength of virtually any laser to an accuracy as high as ± 0.1 ppm. Such wavelength information is required in order to precisely characterize and optimize DWDM components such as transmission lasers, fiber Bragg gratings, optical filters, and EDFAs.

Burleigh also offers the WA-7000 Multi-line WAVEMETER® Optical Channel Analyzer for complete wavelength and spectral analysis of DWDM transmission systems. This system has the ability to measure and differentiate the absolute wavelengths and peak powers of up to 200 discrete optical signals.