Datasheet | February 7, 2014

L-Band Plug In TX / RX Datasheet

Source: Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

The Model 5050A1MTX and Model 5075A1MRX product series provides high performance L-Band communications interconnectivity in a hot swappable 4RU plug-in form factor. Designed for antenna remoting and L-Band SATCOM Uplink & Downlink RF transmission applications, the Plug-In modules are interconnected using singlemode fiber optic cable to extended transmission distances beyond that of traditional coaxial cable. The receiver module is equipped with a digitally controlled attenuator which allows the operator to dynamically configure the optical channel to act as either an Uplink or Downlink transmission path. This capabilitiy provides operational flexibility to tailor the RF path performance over a range of optic loss budgets.