News | October 7, 2008

JDSU Visual Fault Locator Speeds Cost-Efficient Deployment Of FTTx Networks And Broadband Services


Milpitas, CA - JDSU recently announced the release of the pocket-sized FFL-050 (fiber fault locator) and the ruggedized FFL-100 Visual Fault Locators (VFL) for installing and troubleshooting fiber optic cable.

The JDSU VFL is an essential tool that quickly and easily locates problems in fiber cables, such as sharp bends, breaks, bad splices, lack of continuity, and damages in fiber. The VFL emits a visible laser light into the fiber, and as the light escapes from the damaged points along the fiber in a continuous or flashing illumination, technicians are able to easily locate and quickly assess the damage. By pinpointing the exact locations of fiber damage, technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix a problem quickly and efficiently, resulting in fewer return truck rolls.

"JDSU VFLs offer the best performance in the industry," said Matt Brown, director of product management for the JDSU Communications Test and Measurement segment. "While a VFL can be used as a point solution, we also include them as a complementary tool that adds significant value to higher-end, modular JDSU fiber test instruments such as the T-BERD/MTS-6000."

The FFL-050 and the FFL-100 VFL are both equipped with a 2.5mm interface, compatible with connectors such as SC, ST, and FC, while the 1.25mm adapter enables connection to LC and MU connectors. The VFLs can also be used to perform end-to-end continuity tests and fiber tracing and identification.