News | April 1, 2020

HKBN Provides Next-Generation All-Fibre Backhaul To SmarTone Offers Ultra-High Speed And Reliable Backhaul Connectivity For SmarTone 5G Cell Sites

SmarTone and HKBN Group ("HKBN”) announced today that they have entered into a collaboration agreement to use HKBN’s next-generation all-fibre backhaul for SmarTone’s advanced 5G network. Through this collaboration, HKBN will provide a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (“GE”) high-speed backbone network and a 10 GE backhaul network to connect thousands of SmarTone’s cell sites across Hong Kong for SmarTone’s 5G deployment.

Anna Yip, CEO of SmarTone said, “SmarTone has been at full speed to prepare for the launch of a world-class and robust 5G network in Hong Kong. HKBN’s network offers super high speed, unique tri-carrier route diversity and reliability for SmarTone’s 5G backhaul. Together with SmarTone’s strong expertise in network planning and Ericsson’s advanced and secure network infrastructure, we are confident to bring the best-in-class 5G network experience to consumers in Hong Kong.”

William Yeung, HKBN Co-Owner and Executive Vice-chairman said, “As a leading integrated telecom and technology solutions provider with tri-carrier network diversity (comprising three fibre optic networks of HKBN, NWT and WTT), our capabilities to deliver ultra-robust and unprecedented route diversity put HKBN in a pivotal connectivity position for 5G. This 5G technology will revolutionise mobile user experiences, so we’re thrilled to work with SmarTone and connect customers to a world of new possibilities.”

In the 5G era, network security and reliability are integral. With SmarTone’s end-to-end 5G network security built-in to each layer of the network, and HKBN’s ultra-resilient fibre network, which is highly reliable and intelligently safeguarded against the risk of Internet and data connectivity interruption, this collaboration enables a robust and advanced backhaul architecture.

5G is bringing huge changes to the way we work, communicate and play. As a smart city, Hong Kong will be at the forefront as one of the world’s first regions to deploy 5G. To support mass local adoption, more 5G cell sites will be built, requiring support from an ultra-robust fibre network. The fibre backhaul connecting the cell sites with the core network serves as a critical part of the 5G infrastructure.

Source: SmarTone