News | September 11, 2007

Hitachi And ARRIS Team Up To Offer Specialized MDU Services

Atlanta, GA - Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc. recently announced that the ARRIS CXM High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solution will be marketed with Hitachi's AMN1220 Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) system to provide high speed Internet access services for hotels and other high occupancy MDU facilities. The combined solution, which will be marketed by Hitachi in the North America, blends the best of high-capacity fiber optic service delivery with the ability to provide data services to a large number of users within a building over existing coaxial cable. Since the CXM system operates above 900MHz, it does not interfere with other traffic being carried on the coax cable. Together the components provide service providers with an easily installed and highly cost-efficient solution to address this potentially high revenue market segment.

The ARRIS system consists of two main elements: the CXM Broadband Gateway (CXM BG30x) which serves as a combination bridge, router, gateway and switch with the ability to connect up to 256 individual subscribers to bundled Internet services; and the end-user access appliance, the CXM SD30x modem connected to the subscriber's computer.

The ARRIS CXM BG30x connects to the Hitachi AMN1220 GPON ONT (Optical Network Terminal) via a 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet link. The AMN1220 can deliver up to 1GbE to the ONT. The CXM BG30x has an RF output port which connects to the building's existing coaxial cable distribution system.

"We are very pleased to offer large MDU, hotel and other high occupancy service providers with this simple but powerful High Speed Data solution," said ARRIS New Business Ventures President Bryant Isaacs. "Our CXM solution is already deployed in tens of thousands of rooms and businesses around the world and we look forward to the added marketing presence this relationship with Hitachi brings."

"The ARRIS CXM HSIA solution is a very elegant and cost-effective solution for hotels and other facilities that need to provide Internet access for visitors, staff and the public," said Rick Schiavinato, Hitachi Telecom vice president, sales and marketing. "This product further demonstrates Hitachi's commitment to provide a source-to-subscriber solution for our customers."

About Hitachi's Fiber to the Premises Products
The Hitachi AMN1220 GPON platform supports full-rate GPON (2.4Gbps downstream, 1.2Gbps upstream) and the economical delivery of RF/IP video, VoIP/POTS voice, and high-speed data services. Hitachi was the first vendor to place a full-rate GPON system into commercial service (Bandon, Oregon; June, 2006).

Hitachi's GPON products for North America are compliant with ITU-T G.984 standards, providing assurance that service providers will have maximum flexibility in implementing FTTP solutions as applications and capabilities develop in the future.

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SOURCE: Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc.