News | July 2, 2024

GlobalConnect Expands Nordic Digital Infrastructure With New Terrestrial Fiber Route Between Helsinki And Berlin

Nordic digital infrastructure provider GlobalConnect is expanding the capacity and robustness of the Nordic digital infrastructure by establishing a new digital route between Sweden, Finland and Europe. It is also extending its super fiber cable to Haparanda, located on the border between Sweden and Finland. From there, the cable will be connected to existing Finnish fiber - opening a new terrestrial wavelength optical network between Berlin and Helsinki.

Improved infrastructure between Finland and Sweden is an important enabler for the continued digitalization of Northern Scandinavia and it will enhance the digital collaboration and defense efforts between the two neighboring NATO countries. The infrastructure will also cater to the growing regions capabilities of attracting global tech & datacenter investments, as higher digital accessibility and better conditions for digital services will make it more attractive for companies to establish, operate and develop in the region.

“As GlobalConnect continues to support the digital infrastructure of Northern Europe, this is yet another important step for GlobalConnect to strengthen to the continued digitalization of the region. By offering more routes in and out of our region this is a unique terrestrial route, which will benefit local businesses, municipalities, and the public sector as well as supporting our ongoing efforts in building fiber-to-the-home in Finland, says Martin Lippert, CEO GlobalConnect.

The new Finnish wavelength infrastructure will run from Helsinki to Haparanda on the Finnish-Swedish boarder. In Haparanda, the network will be connected to GlobalConnect’s already existing fiber infrastructure reaching all Nordic countries and Germany. In addition, GlobalConnect is also building a new fiber route between Sweden and Norway, via Luleå. European Union to co-fund latest GlobalConnect digitalization project in Northern Scandinavia.

The project started in June 2024 and is expected to be finalized in Q4 2024.

Source: GlobalConnect