News | March 3, 2008

ECI Telecom And Fibra Networks Partner To Deploy Advanced Triple-Play GPON Network In Norway

Petah Tikva, Israel - ECI Telecom, a global provider of networking infrastructure, recently announced it has partnered with Fibra Networks AS, a Norwegian network builder and supplier of fiber optics, to build its first gigabit passive optical network (GPON) in Norway. Using ECI's Hi-FOCuS MultiService Access Node (MSAN) platform in a GPON OLT (optical line terminator) configuration, the GPON project will deliver fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) with cost-effective broadband and video capabilities for Norwegian residents.

Fibra chose ECI's Hi-FOCuS MSAN based on its ability to combine GPON FTTH functionality and high-speed wide area network interfaces in a highly efficient multifunction scalable platform. The GPON network enables bandwidth-intensive video services, such as IPTV, HDTV and multicast distribution of television, as well as Internet access and IP-based telephony, allowing Norwegian residents to have access to the full range of triple-play services.

"With ECI's Hi-FOCuS MSAN solution, we are able to efficiently build a GPON network that can cost-effectively provide advanced, IP-based services," said Truls R. Jorgensen, CEO of Fibra Networks. "The solution's advanced GPON FTTH capabilities and scalable platform provide the opportunity for future expansions throughout the entire region."

ECI's Hi-FOCuS MSAN in GPON OLT configuration eliminates the requirement for individual fibers at each point. One single GPON port at the central office supports up to 128 FTTH users.

"ECI is honored that its Hi-FOCuS MSAN solution has been selected as the chosen platform for this advanced GPON network," said Joop van Aard, President and General Manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa, of ECI Telecom. "The Norwegian market is a high-end environment where the demand for triple-play applications is rapidly growing and with that, the need of network operators to deploy broadband intensive services in the most flexible and cost effective manner."

About Fibra Networks

Fibra Networks is a Norwegian supplier of fiber-optic networks. It designs and delivers fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks based on both active and passive technologies. Since its inception by the Norwegian telecom-supplier Telenor ASA in 1999, Fibra Networks has built more than 5,000 kilometers of MAN/LAN and FTTH networks in the regions it operates. For more information, please visit