News | September 12, 2019

Coating Of Fiber End Faces: Increased Capacity And Quality Thanks To Optimized Technology


Bedford, NH: LASER COMPONENTS USA, specialized provider of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry, has been able to significantly expand its range of services for the coating of fiber end faces. The company is now in a position to produce larger quantities and at the same time has created ideal conditions for processing other fiber types. This means that customers benefit from a larger product range and price advantages through cost-efficient production.
“Depending on assembly configuration, we can now process fibers with large bending radii or very large core diameters up to 1000 µm. This opens up additional possibilities, especially in the field of multimode fibers,” explains Florian Tächl, fiber optics specialist at LASER COMPONENTS.
An improved ion source has also improved the surface quality of anti-reflective coatings. ­Depending on the coating and wavelength, LASER COMPONENTS achieves back reflections from 0.5% to 0.2%. Especially when coupled into active elements, back reflections can impair their function or even damage components.

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Source: Laser Components