News | March 24, 2008

BroadLight To Speak On GPON At China Broadband Triple Play Conference And Optinet China/China FTTH Forum

Mountain View, CA - BroadLight, the leading supplier of GPON semiconductors and software, recently announced that Dan Parsons, Director of Marketing, will be speaking at the China Broadband Triple Play on March 26-27, 2008 and the Optinet China/China FTTH Forum on May 28-29, 2008. The two sessions, titled "GPON: Reversing the Power-Bandwidth Trend," will discuss the environmental impact of always-on DSL services and how GPON solves those issues by significantly reducing the carbon dioxide output while also delivering the speed and power required by service providers today.

"GPON is not only the FTTH technology of choice because of speed, power and low cost, but it's also environmentally-friendly compared to the 220 million DSL users around the world," said Dan Parsons, Director of Marketing for BroadLight. "In markets such as Asia, the environmental impact is a major selling point and I look forward discussing this in detail in my upcoming speaking sessions."

Both the China Broadband Triple Play and Optinet China/China FTTH Forum will be held at the Presidential Plaza Hotel in Beijing, China. For more information on the shows, please visit and

SOURCE: BroadLight