Newsletter | April 13, 2005

4.13.05 — Broadband Market To Reach 56.9 Million Subscribers By 2008
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Broadband Market To Reach 56.9 Million Subscribers By 2008
The U.S. broadband market is expected to reach an estimated 56.9 million subscribers by 2008, growing from 32.5 million subscribers in 2004, according to the 2005 Telecommunications Market Review and Forecast, an annual study of the Telecommunications Industry Association...

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Qwest Delivers FTTH To Denver Community
ADVA Optical Networking Joins I2
Agilent Technologies' 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel Controller Sets Performance Record
Hamamatsu Introduces Highly Reliable ROSAs For Design Into XFP Transceivers
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Oxygen is reacted with hydrogen or other fuel sources in combustion for chemical vapor deposition and fire-polishing applications. For MCVD practitioners, oxygen is also used as a reactant to convert precursors (e.g., SiCl4) and dopants (e.g., GeCl4) into glass structure (e.g., SiO2, GeO2)...

Polyimide Wave Plate
NTT's cutting-edge Polyimide Wave Plate is specially prepared for use in an AWG (arrayed waveguide grating), which is the key component to implement WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) with a large number of wave channels...

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Ocean Optics provides much more than modular spectroscopy hardware and software. Indeed, for your most challenging application requirements, we make available a full array of R&D services and technical support, from optical design and prototype development to analytical modeling and testing and validation...

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Datasheet: Optical Test Set
The MT9810B provides high-accuracy and high-reliability evaluation of a wide range of optical devices and optical systems. It offers DFB-LD light sources conforming to the ITU-T wavelength grid, high-stability FP-LDs, and high-power SLD...
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