News | January 3, 2022

BKSTEC Fiber Optics Technology Poised For The Next Evolution Of Connectivity

BKSTEC is excited to help its partners shift into the world of the metaverse.

BKSTEC, a worldwide leader in development and manufacturing of fiber optic cables, is excited to help its partners shift into the world of the metaverse. With decades of experience, and established infrastructure, BKSTEC is well positioned to develop next-generation connectivity based on super high bandwidth fiber optic cables.

“Building tomorrow’s metaverse ecosystem means employing lightweight, flexible and robust fiber optic cabling crafted specifically for VR, MR and AR applications,” commented BKSTEC chairman Sean Chen. “Our mission is simple - to enable these new virtual spaces with cable technologies that enhance and expand future virtual worlds.”

BKSTEC currently offers a wide range of high bandwidth fiber optic cables that far exceed current VR and AR market requirements with USB3.2 (10Gbps) and USB 4.0 (40Gbps) solutions. BKSTEC fiber optic solutions are ready to keep pace with future metaverse ambitions, with data transmissions reaching up to 1000X that of current infrastructure.

Creating a truly immersive virtual experience requires more than visual realism alone. BKSTEC’s experience is key in designing thin, lightweight fiber optic cables that are flexible and rugged enough to ensure the most unencumbered and immersive virtual experience.

Source: BKSTEC