News | September 15, 2008

AFL Telecommunications Introduces The Noyes OPM4-FTTx PON Power Meter

Spartanburg, SC - AFL Telecommunications announces the introduction of the Noyes OPM4-FTTx power meter, designed to measure optical power both separately and simultaneously in FTTx passive optical networks (PONs). The OPM4-FTTx measures 1490 nm for downstream data and 1550 nm for downstream video traffic at the ONT or other points in an FTTx PON. Using the "set reference" feature, comparisons can be made between 1490 and 1550 nm power levels measured at different parts of the network.

The new power meter includes an integrated visual fault locator (VFL) for short-range fault location and connectivity testing. With a large dual-wavelength, backlit LCD display, the meter shows power at both wavelengths in units of dB or µW, and remaining battery life. Handheld, rugged and light weight, the OPM4-FTTx is simpler to use, faster, and more accurate than traditional PON meters making it the perfect optical power meter for FTTx installation and repair technicians. For additional information, visit

SOURCE: AFL Telecommunications