Current Headlines

  1. MobiFone Builds High-Capacity Network Powered By Ciena

    MobiFone Corporation, a leading mobile network operator in Vietnam, is leveraging Ciena technology to build its first high-capacity converged packet-optical network, currently provisioned with 300Gbps, that spans more than 1,400 kilometers across the country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

  2. Syoptek International Introduces Tools to Reduce Fiber Optics Network Downtime

    Any downtime of the fiber optics network may cost dearly to the network operator. This is the reason why a network operator strives to reduce the chances of network downtime

  3. Verizon Begins Lab Testing NG-PON2 Technology

    As Verizon advances toward implementing new technology on its fiber optic infrastructure, the company has reached a critical juncture in its RFP (Request For Proposals) process by tapping two companies to begin testing NG-PON2 (next generation passive optical network) equipment in Verizon's Innovation Lab in Waltham, Mass

  4. C Spire Ramps Up 5G Testing To Develop Next-Generation Network

    C Spire is ramping up its efforts to develop and test emerging 5G fixed and mobile technologies that promise to support faster speeds, lower latency and exponentially more Internet-connected devices in its continuing efforts to stay ahead of the needs of tech-hungry consumers and businesses

  5. Opticonx Introduces Xtreme Uniboot LC Fiber Optic Patch Cords - New And Improved With Push/Pull Tabs

    How many fiber connectors have been broken moving patch cords in a crowded patch panel? Are you concerned about using a screwdriver or pliers around active fiber connections?

  6. AT&T Expands Access To Gigabit Speeds To More Businesses In 23 Louisiana Communities

    AT&T is bringing gigabit internet speeds to even more businesses in 23 Louisiana communities. With AT&T Business Fiber, more businesses can download and upload at speeds of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps)

  7. IDEAL Networks Launches User-Friendly Fiber Optic Cable Tester OTDR II

    IDEAL Networks, global manufacturer of cable and network testers, has launched the OTDR II, a Tier 2 fiber optic cable tester that addresses the need for user-friendly and accurate fiber troubleshooting for network installation technicians

  8. EMCORE Awarded Its Largest Contract To Supply Fiber Optic Gyroscopes For Airborne Navigation Systems Applications

    EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR), a leading provider of Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chips, components, subsystems and systems for the broadband and specialty fiber optics market, announced today that it has been awarded a $3 million contract to supply Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) modules to a major U.S. prime contractor for use in airborne navigation systems applications

  9. Qognify Successfully Integrates Situator With Senstar's FiberPatrol™ - PR

    Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced the successful integration of their leading PSIM and Situation Management solution, Situator, with Senstar's fence-mounted fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, FiberPatrol-PR

  10. Mimosa Brings Fiber-Fast Wireless Broadband To Urban And Suburban Areas With MicroPoP Architecture

    Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast fixed wireless networks, has launched its Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture, enabling service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband to densely populated urban and suburban areas.