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  1. Bristol Instruments Introduces New Low-Price Optical Thickness Gauge

    Bristol Instruments expanded its family of optical thickness gauge products with the new137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge. This new gauge measures the absolute thickness to ± 1 μm accuracy, with repeatability of of ± 0.05 μm, and priced at less than $15,000.

  2. Vubiq Networks Unveils Enhanced Version Of 60 GHz Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link

    Vubiq Networks, Inc. recently announced an enhanced version of its HaulPass V60 Gigabit Ethernet wireless connectivity system. Available for immediate delivery, the new HaulPass V60 system provides an advanced 60 GHz millimeter wave broadband wireless data connectivity solution that delivers low-latency, full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet transport speeds in a small, ruggedized, easy-to-install enclosure

  3. GE Unveils High-Speed Network Infrastructure To Connect Machines, Data And People At Light Speed To The Industrial Internet

    GE recently announced the installation of some of the world’s fastest, high-speed fiber optic lines to support the company’s Industrial Internet initiative

  4. Agile Networks Establishes Statewide Network

    Agile Networks (Agile) announced that The Agile Network now stands as the only statewide open access 1 Gigabit backhaul network offering Last Mile Agility. The Agile Network is a hybrid fiber wireless backhaul network that allows Agile to deliver fiber-grade connectivity with the latest in wireless technologies

  5. Distributed Power Amplifiers Cover 2-50 GHz To Simplify Instrumentation And Microwave Radio Applications

    Analog Devices, Inc. introduced recently the HMC1127 and the HMC1126 MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) distributed power amplifiers.

  6. NYC Subway System To Move Data, Not Just People

    Hudson Fiber Network (HFN), a leading IP and network provider, announced recently the completion of its installation of bulk cable throughout Manhattan. The project significantly impacts New York’s telecommunications infrastructure by bringing fiber optic services to leading commercial buildings and data centers throughout New York City

  7. University Of Southampton Researchers To Make Fiber Preforms Via 3D Printing

    Researchers at the University of Southampton (Southampton, England) are set to investigate using additive manufacturing (a form of 3D printing) techniques in the fabrication of optical fiber.

  8. SES Demonstrates Cloud-Based Solution Delivering Real Time ISR Data Between Headquarters And 4G Mobile Devices Via O3b Satellites

    Global satellite bandwidth provider SES Government Solutions (SES GS) unveiled a comprehensive Netcentric communications solution for field-deployed units during a demonstration for U.S. Government customers last month

  9. Xchange Telecom Partners With NYC EDC On Broadband Expansion In Industrial Business Zones

    New York City Economic Development Corporation recently announced the launch of Connect IBZ: Broadband Expansion in Industrial Business Zones (Connect IBZ), a $5.3M public-private partnership that will construct access to high-speed Internet in IBZs in New York City by expanding broadband infrastructure in currently underserved areas

  10. redIT Expands Coriant Edge-To-Core Solution To Meet Growing Demand For Data Center Connectivity

    Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport networking solutions, recently announced that redIT has deployed the Coriant 7100 Nano Packet Optical Transport Platform to enhance the resiliency and flexibility of KIO Networks’ mission-critical service infrastructure

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