Current Headlines

  1. Fiber Optic Biosensor-Integrated Microfluidic Chip To Detect Glucose Levels

    Insulin deficiency and hyperglycemia are two well-known culprits behind diabetes, both of which are reflected in blood glucose concentrations

  2. Samtec Demonstrates High-Speed Serial Channels Operating At 25.78 Gbps Error Free Using Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGA

    In an industry where routing 25 Gbps+ data rates on PCBs remains a challenge, industry leaders are collaborating to demonstrate that high-speed serial channels can operate error free

  3. 3D Laser Printing Yields High Quality Micro-Optics

    Researchers have demonstrated 3D printing of micron-scale optics with unprecedented performance and reproducibility. Their approach can be used to create almost any type of integrated optical element on a micron or smaller scale, which could help miniaturize instruments and devices used in applications from sensing to telecommunications

  4. Hibernia Networks’ Broadcast Cloud Solutions Enable 4K UHD For Highest Quality Video Contribution To North America, Europe And Asia

    Hibernia Networks, a provider of global, high speed telecommunications solutions, announces its global fiber optic network supports the transmission of J2K-enabled 4K video for ultra high-definition

  5. UNO COMMUNICATIONS Awards SM OPTICS For Its MPLS Network Transformation Project

    With the target of upgrading the capacity and updating the underlining transport technology of the existing network, UNO COMMUNICATIONS has awarded SM OPTICS with its network transformation project

  6. NETPATIBLES Launches Industry’s First WYSIWIB Fiber Cable Configurator To Make It Fast And Easy To Order Exactly What You Need

    NETPATIBLES, the advanced networking division of Sourcing Solutions LLC, a leading provider of alternative technology solutions for enterprise and data center customers, recently announced a new online tool designed for Ingram Micro Inc. channel partners to make it as easy as possible to buy fiber optic cables for their customers

  7. Fluke Networks Announces Free SmartLoop™ Bi-Directional Testing Feature For The OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

    Today Fluke Networks announced the availability of SmartLoop™ technology for its OptiFiber® Pro OTDR, making it the first OTDR that comes standard with the ability to test two separate fiber links in both directions from one end in a single test

  8. Alpheus Communications Expands Fiber Network To Meet Growing Business Demand In Houston, Dallas And Austin

    Alpheus Communications announced recently that its latest fiber network expansion has added 2,400 near-net buildings, reaching an additional 14,000 businesses in Houston, Dallas and Austin. Buoyed by solid demand for high-performance fiber services, the company’s latest activities mark a major milestone of its fiber build-out investment reaching more than 10,000 near-net buildings and 65,000 businesses in Texas

  9. Metal Organic Framework Materials Enable Highly Sensitive Fiber Sensor For Real-Time Detection Of Water Contaminants

    Trace contaminants in water are often measured by taking samples from the environment to a lab for analysis, which can lead to inaccurate results due to delayed and irregular sample collection or long-transportation and handling times

  10. Altice Group And PTC Partner To Deliver Global IoT Services And Solutions

    The Altice Group, a leading multinational cable, fiber, telecommunications, contents, and media company, and PTC recently announced the deployment of PTC’s industry-leading ThingWorx IoT platform across two Altice Group businesses