Optical Assemblies

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

Optical Assemblies

Gooch & Housego offers optical assemblies, opto-mechanical assemblies, and opto-electronic assemblies manufactured with precision alignment and metrology techniques to achieve compliance with the most demanding specifications and environments.

Their optical assemblies benefit from bonding techniques like optical contacting and adhesive free bonding. Commercial or customer specified bonds can also be utilized.

Gooch & Housego’s opto-mechanical assemblies allow their customers to get their substrates from one source. When several vendors are involved in supplying the components used to make a finalized product - and that product doesn’t perform to its specifications, it can be a hassle to determine which component is to blame. It can also be difficult to get the vendor of the faulty component to take responsibility for the problem. Allowing Gooch and Housego to be your sole supplier of substrates, coatings, assemblies, and high precision optics eliminates this problem. Full traceability for products in space and military applications is also offered.

Lastly, Gooch & Housego has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing opto-electronic subassemblies. These products have been used in aerospace, defense, life sciences, biomedical, and industry research applications.

Contact Gooch & Housego for more information on their optical assembly offerings.

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