Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser: EM750

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser: EM750

The EM750 is a narrow linewidth semiconductor laser with ultra-low noise, stability, and tunability. Typical laser linewidth can be of the order of 1 GHz, though some low-power CW lasers can achieve less than 1 kHz. The EM750 has the ability to reduce the linewidth to a typical value of less than 10 kHz.

Like other kHz linewidth lasers, the EM750 semiconductor laser is ideal for coherent communications, acoustic and seismic monitoring, LIDAR, analog RF links, long distance fiber and fiber array sensing, laser interferometry, and other communication and sensing applications. Gooch & Housego’s EM750 has been designed to significantly simplify the design of a typical kHz laser. It doesn’t rely on active feedback, sensitive external cavities, or other complex opto-mechanical arrangements. Despite this, the laser remains inherently stable and highly scalable.

The EM750 semiconductor laser comes in a 124 x 78 x 10 mm package and consumes no more power than an unstabilized BFB laser module. Contact Gooch & Housego for more information or to discuss your application.