Application Note | February 20, 2014

AOTF Spectral Imaging For Cancer Detection

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

By Alex Fong, VP, Life Sciences

High throughput screening of multiply stained clinical pathology samples is currently a difficult and laborious task requiring expert review. In examining a patient slide, pathologists rely primarily on examination of cellular morphology and tissue architecture. While this approach has been the backbone of pathology for many decades, the discovery of numerous molecular biomarkers of disease has lent increasing importance to the role of biomarkers in detecting abnormalities and determining proper treatment. However, individual biomarkers generally do not have sufficient sensitivity and specificity to identify disease and there has been growing recognition that the use of multiple biomarkers is highly desirable. Optimally the pathologist would like to see the multiple biomarkers of interest and the morphology of interest simultaneously throughout the slide. But multiply stained slides can be very difficult to interpret by eye. We have therefore applied our Acousto-Optic tunable filter (AOTF) based HSi-440C Hyper-Spectral Imaging system to imaging traditionally stained clinical pathology samples to which additional transmission stains labeling multiple specific biomarkers have been added.

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